The extra protection of face shields

Many people are now wearing face masks and face shields to try and prevent the spread of coronavirus, particularly those who have to work in essential services. Some people even have to cover their face when just leaving their homes.

The result of this is the design of different types of face coverings to try and further protect from airborne particles, coughs and sneezes. While many have chosen to wear cloth coverings or masks, others have chosen to make use of face shields.

The reason why face shields are growing in popularity is because of how comfortable they are to actually wear as well as the fact they can be reused and are easy to disassemble. They are also simple to clean with normal cleaning products.

Face shields also come with a number of other benefits for the people who wear them and represent a good alternative choice for people who are unable to wear face masks, such as those who suffer from asthma.

Some face shields are also compatible with face masks, allowing for the wearing of both and providing extra protection for those who would like to keep their eyes and face protected with a shield while still wearing a cloth mask.

Viruses can actually be caught via the eyes through droplets, according to some studies, which ordinary face masks would not be able to protect against while face shields do offer spray protection.

This protection can be worn indefinitely with no performance deterioration. Wholesale face shields can be purchased at lower prices.

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