How Does the Income Shares Child Support Model Work?

There are several ways courts can determine how much child support one parent has to pay to another. One of those methods is called the Income Shares Model. If you are in a child custody case, it is important that you understand how this works. Utilize a child custody attorney in Naperville who can help you to determine how much child support is appropriate in your situation.

What Is This Model?

The Income Shares Model is a simple concept. It is the decision that the child should receive the same percentage of their parent’s income that the child would have received in situations where the parents were still living in the same home.

In homes where both parents are living there, the income from both of those parents is pooled together. It is then used as necessary for the benefit of all people who are within the home. That includes children.

What Does This Mean for You?

It is always best to work with a child custody attorney in Naperville to determine how this concept applies in your situation. In most cases, the court will determine what the income of both parents are. Then, that income is combined. The child support obligation is then based on the statutory schedule set.

Then, the child support obligation is factored by adding all expenses over and above the basic needs to the basic child support obligation. This may include things like child care costs or medical expenses that are significantly higher than normal.

At this point, the child support obligation is prorated between both of the parents. This is based on not a 50 to 50 break, but rather it is based on a percentage of the parent’s combined income.

How to Determine What Your Child Support Obligations Are

When working with a child custody attorney in Naperville, it is possible to determine what the obligations are in a more simplified manner. Your attorney will help you to gather accurate information about income for both parties. They will also help you to determine if there are any additional factors that play a role in how much that basic child support should increase. They can help you prove your case in situations where the information may not be accurate.

By talking to your child custody attorney in Naperville, you can learn more about your legal requirements as well as how to change them. If you need to file a claim for child support, Keller Legal Services can help you.

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