The Dazzling World of Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns

Airsoft is perhaps the most well-known sport of replica firearms that project either pellets or plastic BBs. This company provides highly detailed replications that are ideal for firearms enthusiasts and adolescents (under supervision, of course). There are a number of types of gun that can be purchase. Handguns, rifles, and automatic weapons will tend to be the three main categories that consumers can opt for. The mechanics behind these guns can likewise vary and the most common type of propellant force used is compressed air. Let us take a look at how these work and some of the models that can be purchased.

Automatic Electric Models

As the name hints, these weapons are powered by a rechargeable battery. When the trigger is depressed, the movement will propel a piston which drives a spring back before it releases. The resulting energy will propel a plastic pellet out of the barrel. These guns can be used for hours before needing to be recharged and due to their simplicity and convenience, they are the most popular type of guns currently produced by the company. Additionally, these modern electric models are somewhat more reliable than their gas-powered counterparts, as gas can tend to drastically lose its power in cold temperatures. For the majority of Airsoft enthusiasts, automatic electric models are undoubtedly the most popular variants to choose from in the 21st century.

Type of Airsoft AEG Guns

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of different makes and models of these guns to choose from. Some of the most popular types that are currently available will include such models as the traditional AK-47, the M4 Carbine, the M14 and the M16. Of course, these are but a few of the variants and currently, offers more than a thousand different models to purchase through their standalone site.


One of the key concerns for any child or parent is the safety of these models. One of the distinct advantages that Airsoft Automatic Electric Guns AEG offer over gas-powered versions is the fact that the velocity of the pellet leaving the barrel remains constant. In gas-operated models, the velocity can vary (especially on a new canister of propellant). Therefore, there is less chance of injury with electrically powered models. Still, caution needs to be taken and protective eye wear is a must when participating in this fun and exciting sport. Nonetheless, the chances of injury are much less than with traditional BB guns.

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