Learn about the Importance of Container Seals

Container seals are seals that are placed on the doors of international shipping containers once the shipment has been loaded. The seal is supposed to stay on the container through the entire journey until the container comes to its final destination and is removed by the proper people.

Every container seal has its own special identification number that should be listed with the shipping paperwork. These numbers should be checked against each other upon arrival to ensure nothing has been tampered with.

The two types of container seals include the cable and the bolt seal. With the cable seal, you would place the cable around the container and then thread one side into the cable, which would lock it. With the bolt seal, you would place a long thing tube, which looks like a nail, through the handles of the container and then latch and lock however the seal works.

One of the most important reasons to have a seal for containers is to keep whatever is in the container safe. However, it is also important where you place the seal on the container. With some containers, you can use the bolt seal mentioned above, but other containers have a lock rod on each of the two doors of the container. In this case, the seal should be placed on both of the lock rods or on the right door only, as this is the door that is opened first. It will ultimately depend on your type of container and the level of security for the container seal.

Once the seal is in place, the container is considered secure. These seals can be removed with the use of cutters. This type of seal is meant to keep people out of the container, but its ultimate purpose is to let others know the container has been opened without proper knowledge.

Once the container reaches its destination, the receiver of the container will need to check the seal number on the container and ensure it matches the bill of lading. Every single number and letter must match or the container may have been breached.

These container seals are meant to protect the shipper, the receiver and the shipping line. If the container is going through many ports to get to the receiver, it will be checked at each stop to verify the seal is still intact.

Container Seals are needed for your international shipping containers.

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