Is Ft. Meade Doggie Daycare Your Solution to Back-to-School Chaos?

Returning to work and school is an annual period of chaos in most homes. While parents and children run around trying to get prepared and then accustomed to their new schedules, many things get overlooked. From simple things such as your purse or car keys (even though you were sure you put them on the hook the night before) to more important things such as lunches and homework. Another important aspect that often gets forgotten is your dog’s daily needs.

Your dog is often confused, particularly if this is the first year they have been with their family. To go from having someone at home with them most of the day, or joining the family on outings to being home alone can be incredibly stressful for a dog. Doggie daycares in Ft. Meade offer a scheduled, routine playtime for your dog and introduces a new schedule for him to grow accustomed to, easily and happily.

Unfortunately, this is one of the three times a year the dog shelters get a wave of intakes and owner surrenders. A vast majority of shelter intakes come from the time around Christmas, Spring and back-to-school time. Christmas time sees the impulse buys and gift puppies that people were not prepared for. Spring sees the unexpected litters and puppies that did not sell from backyard breeders. Unfortunately, the back-to-school period sees the older puppies and dogs who start to act out due to the change in their environments. Often this is the time that families realize that dogs require far more time than they had expected and opt to find their dogs new homes.

This is where a doggie daycare in Ft. Meade comes in handy. While you are preparing and then adjusting to your new schedule, your dog is being well cared for during the day. No worrying about their meals, walks or accidents in the house. It also helps your dog to transition to not having you with them all day. While you can continue taking them even after this period, most find that they do not need the daycare long term. One week before and after is often all it takes to help reduce the chaos your dog is exposed to and reduces your stress as there is one less thing to worry about.

Opting to have your dog go to one of the doggie daycares Ft. Meade has to offer is an excellent solution to helping your dog deal with these difficult times. Remembering that daycares do not need to be a long-term solution, and they can help relieve some stress during those busy times.

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