The Benefits of Duct Cleaning by Contractors Offering Service for Heating And Cooling in Appleton, WI

When a household has never had the furnace and central air ducts cleaned, and the home was built many years ago, it may be time to schedule this service. Contractors who provide service for heating and cooling in Appleton WI may also perform thorough duct cleaning upon request for the various benefits this will achieve for the customers.

Dust Particles

Over the years, ducts can accumulate a thick layer of dust. Most dust is trapped by the air filter, but some dust will get through. Some of those tiny particles get back into the rooms through the vents, but some sticks to the inside of the ducts. Contractors providing service for heating and cooling in Appleton WI vacuum away that pile of debris from the duct network.

The return-air registers can also be problematic since they are drawing in air, dust, hair, and other substances from the home. Sometimes, the flat surface directly below the grate develops a carpet of sticky dust, indicating what has also gone into the duct system. The sight of that huge pile of dust that was drawn to the register can be quite startling.

Pollen and Other Allergens

Everything that gets caught in the ducts can cause stale odors to waft into the home when the furnace or central air runs. The air blowing into the rooms also contains more allergens, such as pollen, and other pollutants than would be the case with clean ducts. Household residents may experience a noticeable decrease in hay fever symptoms after duct cleaning service. They breathe easier, and their coughing and sneezing symptoms are dramatically reduced.

Additional Unwanted Substances

Additional potentially harmful and unpleasant substances also become trapped in the ducts. Mold spores can easily get inside, for example. While cleaning ducts, technicians sometimes find waste from mice, since a critter may have gotten into the system at some point. If anyone has ever smoked in the house, the sticky smoke residue can be trapped in the ducts. These substances can be eliminated by a contractor such as Bob’s Quality Heating & Cooling. Visit us online and learn more about duct system cleaning.

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