The Benefits of Cremation

In recent decades, people have increasingly been choosing cremation in Bel Air rather than opting for traditional burial services. Although this is not true in Missouri, in several states, cremation is the majority choice while traditional burials are on the downslide. In other states, like Missouri, cremation continues to keep pace with burial and will likely catch up and put traditional burials into the minority position within a few years.

There are many reasons for the popularity of cremation in Bel Air, but the first apparent reason is that the cost of a casket and traditional burial is much more expensive. Ashes do not require a casket, and urns can cost less than $100. Moreover, if ashes are spread, cremation services are often private affairs and less formal or costly than traditional funerals and burial services. On the bottom line, a cremation can often cut costs at least in half. It is possible to spend around $2,000 to $2,500 on a more inexpensive cremation in Bel Air.

Cost is not always the reason people opt for cremation in Bel Air, however. In fact, services for the spreading of ashes can be elaborate and just as expensive as funerals or memorials. The bereaved can choose expensive urns that cost thousands of dollars, as well as purchase a columbarium niche in a cemetery for at least $2,000. Some people opt for cremation in Bel Air because of an increasing consciousness of the environmental impact made by the use of caskets that are designed to last for hundreds of years. This factor may be balanced, however, by the fact that the crematory process itself is not necessarily environmentally-friendly. The final judgment on that is still an open question and is dependent on the method of cremation used.

Other reasons for choosing cremation in Bel Air are that it seems like a simpler way of dealing with the human body. In Western culture, burials were supported by a religious belief in the resurrection from the dead. To bury the body signified the symbolic hope of its future reconstitution. Many people in the West have other religious views or none at all. Buddhists prefer cremation because they see the body as a part of nature that recycles, so cremation is the predominant method.

People may choose cremation in Bel Air because they see it as an act of closure, simpler than burial and not tied to religious sentiments at all. It also enables the bereaved to save the ashes at home, bury them on their own property, or even release them at a significant locale – all actions that would be illegal to do with a body. Visit the website for more information.

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