Recover Faster with IV Therapy

What used to be a service only performed at a hospital is now routine at medical spas. IV therapy is a procedure performed at medical spas that is an alternative, non-invasive medical treatment used to treat people with vitamin deficiencies, jet lag, or to improve general health.

IV therapy in Las Vegas, NV is a medical treatment that is growing throughout the country. Over the past years, IV therapy has been incorporated into medical spas and clinics. It involves the rehydration of fluids through an IV. Medical spas offer packages of vitamins and minerals as a quick fix for overworked and tired clients.

Many patients who opt for IV therapy in Las Vegas, NV experience issues with malabsorption of essential nutrients. The nutrients are not absorbed properly into the body using the conventional method of consuming foods or supplements. Overcoming insufficient absorption using IV therapy is a safe, effective and natural method to achieve optimal health. Treatments can also help people who are jet-lagged, have a hangover, are fatigued, have travel sickness, or need help recovering from dehydration.

IV therapy delivers essential nutrients directly to the circulatory system and to the cells where the nutrients are most needed. Oral supplements may only have a 1-25% absorption rate whereas nutrients delivered via IV therapy provides 100% absorption in which the nutrients are delivered directly to the cells for repair.

IV therapy in Las Vegas, NV can be used to fast-track nutrient delivery which allows the body to become healthy.

There are some risks associated with IV therapy. IV therapy is not safe for certain medical conditions such as those suffering from heart failure or anyone taking blood thinning medications.

IV therapy, when administered by a trained and qualified doctor, is extremely safe and effective. Before starting any IV therapy treatments, it is essential to inform the doctor of any health conditions and medications you are currently taking.

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