The Benefits of Asking Your Family Dentists in Neenah WI about Their Sedation Dentistry Services

Do you shiver in fear at the mere thought of visiting the dentist? If so, you should know that you’re not the only one. Many patients stay away from the dentist each year because they are afraid of the painful procedures that he or she may recommend. If this sounds like you, it may be time to ask your Family Dentists in Neenah WI about sedation dentistry. Keep reading to find out more about how a sedative could be just what you need to get your oral health back on track:

What to Expect

Once your dentist determines that sedation dentistry is right for you, you’ll be able to expect the following:

1. You can simply take one pill prior to your visit, which means you won’t have to worry about any needles.

2. Patients will feel relaxed, but the sedative won’t put you to sleep. You should also be aware that you may not remember everything during your treatment, which means you’ll quickly forget any discomfort you experienced.

3. As the sedative starts working, you may experience a higher pain threshold. What may normally cause severe pain may suddenly not cause you much (or any) pain at all.

Why Sedation Is Beneficial

First, those patients who struggle with the idea of having regular dental visits because they are fearful of the pain they may experience may also have declining oral health issues. Without the proper dental care, your dentist won’t be able to detect oral health issues and correct them before they become a major problem. In this way, sedation dentistry helps anxious patients get in the chair more often so that they can maintain their health.

Also, sedation dentistry provides a great way for your dentist to perform a long, in-depth procedure in one visit since you won’t have to be concerned with pain or fatigue. For many patients, this saves both time and money as you won’t have to schedule as many appointments or worry about the co-pays that come along with each one.

While sedation dentistry won’t be the best option for everyone, those who are nervous about their dental visits should inquire with their Family Dentists in Neenah WI about how it may be able to help them. Instead of allowing your fear to keep you out of the dentist’s chair, speak with a dental professional today about how you can have a better experience each and every time.

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