Helpful Information for Understanding Periodontics in Gilbert AZ

Were you aware of the fact that as many as half of all American adults suffer from periodontal disease? This is a gum disease that results from bacteria that attacks the tissues that are around your teeth. The very first stage of this disease is referred to as gingivitis, which is also the only stage that is considered reversible.

If this problem is not treated by a professional in Periodontics in Gilbert AZ then it can progress into periodontitis, which will result in the loss of bone around the teeth. When the bone tissue begins to disappear, then the gum tissue will detach from the teeth and small pockets will form, offering even a better area for bacteria to develop and thrive. If treatment is not sought, then the infection will become worse, causing the teeth to become loose and then fall out. In fact, periodontal disease is the number one cause of the loss of teeth in adults that are over 35 years old.

Symptoms and Signs of Periodontal Disease

There are a number of signs you should be aware of that will let you know that you may be developing this disease and that you should seek Periodontics in Gilbert AZ treatment.

* Bleeding gums

* Bad breath

* Swelling, puffiness or redness in the gums

* Gums that begin to recede

* Sensitivity

* Teeth that are loose

The Treatment Options from Periodontics in Gilbert AZ

Gum disease, which is much like diabetes in the fact that it is a systemic disease, can be managed when it surpasses the phase of gingivitis; however, it is unable to be reversed. The good news is that dentists now have a number of options to keep the issue from becoming worse. One option is through scaling or root planning where the bacteria and plaque are removed from underneath your gum line.

The fact is that regular dental visits will reduce the need that you have for Periodontics in Gilbert AZ. If you do reach a point where this type of treatment is necessary, it is best not to ignore the situation, as it will only continue to become worse. Seeking treatment right away is your best chance to overcome the issue.

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