The Benefits of a Massage

It has been proven that having a massage will increase circulation, loosen muscle tension and can calm the nervous system, and provides relief from many conditions. Therapeutic massage can improve mobility and the health of joints, enhance restful sleep, relieve pain, and reduce swelling. It can also increase energy, mental alertness, and help speed up the process of healing from an injury. You can chose a massage that is focused on issues of tension, tightness and chronic pain, or a massage that will be comforting and soothing when you need to relax, de-stress and rest. The most common place for tension and stiffness is in the back and neck. If continual stress and tension exist it will start causing pain, and tension in your shoulders and can also cause headaches. It is a good idea to get a massage in Parker, CO before the tension and pain take over.

Pre-Natal Massages for the Soon to Be Mommy

Your belly grows as you advance in pregnancy and gain weight. This causes extra stress on your circulation and muscles. Pre-natal massages are designed specifically for your body during your pregnancy. This type of massage helps with pains and aches that are associated with pregnancy. A soothing kneading massage will relieve sore muscles while reducing your stress level to help you relax. Massage has also been known to release feel good natural hormones like serotonin and dopamine that make your body feel relaxed and nurtured. Prenatal massage can also reduce swelling from water retention, and by massaging that area it sends the water away from your joints and tissues. A massage therapist can pay special attention to your hips, buttocks and lower back if those are painful areas for you.

Get a Deep Cleaning Facial to Help Clear Your Face or Help With Anti-Aging

Facials are a great way to cleanse and treat your face. They unclog pores which helps eliminate pimples and black heads, along with other impurities that affect the health of your skin.  When you get a facial there are several steps that are taken which can include masks, creams, peels, exfoliation, steam, extractions, as well as a massage. If you have oily acne prone or dry skin a facial could calm your skin. This will leave you with a more even and smooth skin tone. Anti-aging facials can help your skin look younger and improve the appearance, tone, and texture to give you a more youthful look and feel.

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