Tempt Attendees with a Sweet Treat at your Next Meeting or Conference

With so many people obsessed with health kicks these days everyone secretly longs to have an excuse to try something sweet every now and then. If you are planning a major meeting, small conference or event instead of boring people with muffins and bagels offer them an exciting taste treat that will perk them up for the long day ahead. Use the Donut Catering Houston TX has to offer instead.

Coffee Crazy

We live in a coffee crazy society and a plain cup of coffee doesn’t always cut it for everyone. When you use Donut Catering in Houston TX you will have access to some interesting coffee choices and other drinks that will help people get revved up to learn and participate with enthusiasm. You can offer favourite hot beverages and an assortment of energy drinks and juices so there is something for everyone. It is a great way to kick off the day as well as have something ready for meeting breaks.

Tempting Treats

When people are offered a free breakfast at meetings they always expect to find the same old things. Stale or even fresh muffins are boring and are actually not the healthy choice for which many people mistake them. A donut might be deep fried but packs about the same amount of calories, or even less than that boring muffin. People love donuts and if people walk into to discover a spread of their favorite snacks they will be happy to indulge “just this once”. Y’all y’all know that a donut is the perfect breakfast even though we think we shouldn’t, it sure is nice when we do. Donut holes are also available and are the perfect bite size for people who want just one.


The Donut Catering Houston TX shops offer doesn’t have to be just donuts. You can order a number of hearty kolaches individually wrapped so people are sure to grab their favorite filling. This sweetish pastry is filled with savory fillings such as sausage and can also be ordered with scrambled eggs. They are easy to eat and bursting with flavour offering a yummy breakfast food your attendees will love. You can also order poppers that are easy to eat and that people can sample in a number of flavors instead of committing to one larger kolache.

As you can see Donut Catering in Houston TX is the perfect option to offer an inviting change for your meeting attendees.

When looking for Donut Catering Houston TX, Shipley Do-nuts have been offering fresh, yummy choices since 1936. For your next meeting visit Domain.

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