Recycling Service in Alsip IL Relieves the Burden from Brimming Landfills

Americans give of an unsettling quantity of waste that will become an even greater problem for future generations. The common belief that it is a future problem and not a ‘now’ problem is something that will backfire horribly. The ignored consequences of recycling at such a low rate of productivity will ultimately leave the world in dire straits.

One of the main contributors to excessive waste is in the area of computers and technology. This is known as e-waste, and it has become an exponential problem in the last few years. This is because technology becomes obsolete so fast, and items have no legitimate merit in a matter of a couple years. This makes their disposal pretty much necessary.

But they do not need to be tossed into the garbage. 85% of all electronic products wind up in a landfill or incinerator. This is a number that is extraordinary high, and given the influx of dated electronic equipment, one needs to wonder how we are going to keep finding space for new dated products. This 85% comes to about 50 million metric tons of e-waste that is disposed of every single year. This number is staggering. It is difficult to even grasp the concept of 50 million metric tons- it essentially weighs as much as Africa.

So what is the answer? The most obvious answer is a recycling service in Alsip IL. Foregoing the use electronics entirely or mandating recycling is not what ends to happen. Simply, electronic users need to increase the rate of e-waste recycling from 12.5% to a number that is far more acceptable.

A recycling service in Alsip IL actually takes these contents and does something good with them. Many of these e-waste contents can be reused in other entities and remanufactured to relieve the burden on landfills and incinerators. On a purely environmental level, computer recycling is really the right thing to do. But it is not uncommon for a recycling service such as BLH Computers to pay for these products. Yes, companies and individuals that go through a lot of e-waste can ultimately get a glorified kickback for their efforts to save the environment- one broken laptop at a time.


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