Tata Photon Plus Is The Perfect Fit For Modern Lifestyles

Tata Telecommunications has always been majorly successful in the Indian market, particularly with its DoCoMo mobile telephony brand and of course, Photon Plus. Photon Plus has been a huge hit with customers and promises to make internet connectivity more affordable, smooth and fast almost anywhere in India. Alongside, customers can take advantage of the Tata Photon Plus online recharge facility and recharge their connections at their convenience. Tata Photon offers a whole plethora of features with both its prepaid and postpaid plans. The Photon Plus postpaid plans offer value for money packages to customers. One plan that you should be checking out is the 30 GB plan at only INR 1, 250. This is representative of the user friendly and economical customer packages made available by Tata Photon Plus. Visit us website now!!

In addition, other plans include the popular INR 750 postpaid plan for unlimited 5GB of internet and the INR 650 unlimited 3GB scheme. Speeds of up to 3.1 Mbps are possible on the Photon Plus network and free roaming is another benefit that is provided all across the country. In some areas like Bangalore, the benefits do not just extend to seamless Tata Photon Plus online recharge as customers can even get their modems and connections delivered to their doorsteps! The device is usually priced at INR 999 which is quite reasonable, considering the high costs of internet plans these days.

Free all India roaming is a feather in the cap of the brand along with its exclusive money back scheme which holds valid for a period of 10 months. When it comes to Tata Photon Plus online recharge for prepaid plans, you may want to check out recharge vouchers which remain valid for a long period of time. These include the INR 1, 500 and INR 2, 501 vouchers which offer 9 and 15 GB data usage limits for 90 and 180 days respectively. Other potent options include the INR 5000 prepaid recharge plan where customers can use up to 32 GB with validity provided for an entire year! Short term recharge vouchers are aplenty, including INR 255 which enables 1 GB of data usage for 21 days and the INR 350 recharge which gives you 1.5 GB for a month. You can also opt for unlimited 2GB or 3GB data for a month by paying either INR 700 or INR 750.

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