Practicality Meets Style In 6 Pack Fitness Bags For Women

For busy professional women that don’t want to have to carry several different bags to the office for their post-work WOD, any one of these stylish 6-Pack Fitness Bags offers a perfect option.

These bags come in a range of different fashion forward colors and styles from the elegant black to flashy red, neon pink or several other hot and trendy colors. Of course, color isn’t the only reason why 6-Pack Fitness Bags for women are so popular.

With several different designs from larger totes to smaller slings, duffle bags to backpacks, it is easy to find just the right bag for any day or event. What sets these bags apart is not just their style but also that they are uniquely created for CrossFit athletes.

Carry Your Meals

One of the unique features of all Box Freak stylish 6-Pack Fitness Bags is their design that allows you to have both actual storage space as well as special compartments to store your meals. Depending on the style you select you can choose a bag that holds two specially designed meal containers or a larger bag which will hold six meal containers.

The meal containers are designed to stay sealed so you never have to worry about opening up your bag to find a mess. In addition the bags are all designed with slots for the meal containers to slide into, keeping them secure. The meal containers come with the bag to ensure a perfect fit.

Extra Features

In addition meal storage, which comes complete with gel ice packs to keep things fresh, each of the 6-Pack Fitness Bags also provide a variety of different storage options.

A larger center compartment is perfect for clothing and side pockets and exterior zippered pouches and pockets are perfect for keys, wallets, phones and other smaller items. Many of the large bags also have a separate shoe compartment making it easy to pack and travel.

If you haven’t looked into 6-Pack Fitness Bags you don’t know what you are missing. These are the perfect option for any woman who needs a practical yet professional looking way to get her food, her CrossFit training gear and daily necessities from home to the office and gym without sacrificing style. For more information, check out at:


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