Taking Care of Your Brakes

Brakes are among those many things in life that we simply don’t appreciate until they’re gone. The braking system can often go along for about 30,000 miles or so with barely a squeak to let you know it’s there. It’s no wonder we take the brake for granted. Your brakes, however, are often the only thing between you and an accident, so you would be wise to give them the attention they deserve.

Regular Maintenance
The first step in brake maintenance is the brake inspection, and there is some debate about how often that should be done. Some suggest every 10,000 miles, while others suggest only if there’s a problem. One good suggestion is to have the mechanic check the rotors each time they rotate the tires, since the wheels are already off. In addition to inspection, pads periodically need to be replaced, rotors need to serviced, fluid needs to be checked and other components need to be cleaned and adjusted. It’s best to consult your owner’s manual to see how frequently these services should be performed on your specific vehicle.

Nobody Likes a Squealer
For many people, the time for brake maintenance is announced by an annoying squealing sound coming from the brake pads. Unfortunately, there are problems with this system. First off, the squeal is a warning that the brake pad has worn too far, so you may already be too late. Worn pads can score brake rotors, meaning that instead of a simple pad replacement, clean and adjust, you will also need to have your rotors repaired or resurfaced, which greatly increases the cost.

The other problem with waiting for the telltale brake squeal is that brakes squeal for different reasons. For example, a brake caliper can come loose and scrape the rotor, creating a distinct squeal which requires a serious repair, not standard maintenance. Also, squealing can occur due to wet brake pads, rust, or no obvious reason whatsoever. If you ignore the “maintenance squeal” for too long, you may hear a grinding or feel a vibration. When you get to that point, you need to hurry to your mechanic while you still have the ability to stop there, because your soon to have big problems.

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