Learn About a Bail Bond In Clarke County Before You Need One

When you’ve been arrested, the first thing that will happen is you will be charged with a crime and taken to jail. Once you are in jail you will be processed and, most likely, given a bail amount. The bail amount will depend on the severity of your crime, and can range from a couple of hundred dollars to hundred of thousands of dollars. The bail allows you to pay a certain amount and be released from jail until your hearing. If you can’t afford your bail, however, a family member can get a bail bond for you by working with a bondsman so that you can still be released.

When your family member gets a Bail Bond In Clarke County to bail you out of jail, they’ll have to visit a bondsman. The bondsman will collect a percentage from them, have them sign a contract, and then will pay the full amount of the bail to the jail for you. Once it’s paid, you can be released. The processing time for the payment may vary, however, depending on how busy the jail is at the time. For instance, Friday and Saturday nights tend to be very busy, so the time it takes for the bail to process may be much longer.

The contract your family member signs will state that they must ensure that you show up for your hearings. If you show up for your hearings, the bondsman will get his money back and the percentage your family member paid will cover his fee. If you don’t show up, however, the bondsman will not get his money back. This means that your family member will owe the bondsman the remainder of the money, and a warrant will be issued for your arrest. It’s very important that you make it to your hearings so your family member doesn’t end up having to give the bondsman the remainder of the bail money.

When you work with a bondsman to pay your Bail Bond In Clarke County, you will be able to be released so that you can continue on with your life until the hearing. Because the process can be confusing to some the first time they go through it, you may want to Learn more about the bail process and how a bondsman can help you if you or a family member ever gets arrested.

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