Symptoms of a Less than Adequate Rental Management Company

When trusting a rental management Richmond company with the rental of your investment property, it is important to be sure the company you select is a successful, thriving management firm that is capable of both protecting your investment and handling all aspects of the rental process, professionally and thoroughly.  While it is possible to make more on your investment by choosing a lesser-known, smaller, or cheaper real estate management group, be sure you choose a “healthy” rental property manager by checking for the following symptoms before committing.

Cheaper isn’t always better
The saying, “you get what you pay for,” applies to property managers just as much as it does a used car or a pair of running shoes.  An inexpensive rental manager could be inexperienced or may have recently lowered their rates to bring in more clients after losing a few existing ones.  A cheap price for services could also be an indicator you are not getting all of the services you truly need to make your experience with a property manager a profitable one.

Check references
Be sure to find out how long the rental management group you are considering has been in business.  Hiring an inexperienced property manager will only come back to bite you in the long run, leaving you to clean up someone else’s mistakes.  Also, be sure to ask for a listing of other clients, and do not be afraid to make some phone calls or send some emails to check and see if the company’s existing clients are happy.

Make sure there’s enough to go around
Find out how many employees are on staff at the real estate management companies you are considering.  If the group is small, check into how many properties they are currently managing.  Although management companies often mean well, taking on more properties than their staff can handle is a sure sign the company is unwell and your investment is at risk in their hands.

Look for a modern touch
It may sound unimportant, but give favor to property management groups with informative websites or a strong social media presence.  If you are provided the opportunity to visit the offices of the management group, check to be sure they have updated technological devices.  Look for a property management company that is up-to-date and in touch with the current trends.

We invite you to visit the Real Property Management Richmond website today at website for more information about our thriving, successful management company.  We hope that you will consider our services today for your rental property management needs.

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