Residential Treatment Centers in Utah Offer a Holistic Approach to Recovery

by | Sep 26, 2013 | Healthcare

Many residential treatment centers in Utah, are now using a natural detoxification process in addition to medical detox. The advantages of natural detox are that it not only removes the addictive substances from your body, but also helps you replace what these drugs have depleted from your body.

These natural remedies, have been successful for all types of addiction from alcohol, illegal street drugs, to prescription medications. The focus of natural detox or naturopathic detoxification is to slowly reduce the amount of drug in the addicts system as well as, prepare the body for a new healthy lifestyle. Many addicts are put on a nutritional diet plan of healthy eating. Removing sugar from the diet and replacing it with natural foods, helps the body to begin healing from the ravages done by drugs and alcohol. This also helps to reduce fluctuations in mood and promote mental stability. Some foods and supplements that are used regularly to help detox the body consist of:

Vitamin C, which helps alleviate nausea and other side effects of withdraw

Onions and garlic help to remove metals from the body

Milk thistle helps in regenerating liver cells due to its antioxidant properties

Dandelion root aids in digestion

Another important area residential treatment centers in Utah focus on is a dual diagnosis. This is having a mental illness along with addiction. It is imperative to treat the mental illness, as well as substance abuse to combat against relapse. Many people abuse substances as a way to self medicate and deal with their mental illness. If only the substance abuse is treated without proper medical treatment for mental illness, patients with slip back into substance abuse. Psychological counseling is also needed to get to the root of what is causing the addictive behavior. Without counseling, an addict will not learn proper coping strategies to deal with everyday issues or past traumas.

Alternative therapies can also be utilized, such as Tai-Chi, mental imagery, yoga, and meditation, to help patients learn more constructive ways to handle stress. These holistic approaches are also helpful to combat withdraw and cravings.

Treating not only the addiction, but the whole body can be a successful strategy to aid an addict in a successful recovery.

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