Suffering from a Broken Tooth in Wichita Kansas? Visit Your Local Dentist Immediately!

It’s no fun when you have a broken tooth. It’s also not the most aesthetically looking thing to look at either. A third of all people aged 12 years or older have experienced one or more traumas in which a tooth broke. In most cases, the upper central incisors are affected. Sports trauma or playground injuries are the places where most accidents happen.

Prevention is better than the cure

The risk that a tooth is broken is particularly large in contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey, rugby and so on. Of course, in martial arts such as karate and judo, the trauma is much higher. Therefore, it’s advisable to wear dental protection. Damage can be prevented or reduced if a person wears mouthguards. But sometimes a shock is so violent that it can still cause personal injury.

What to do when fracturing a tooth

When a tooth breaks off, the broken pieces should be kept. There is a possibility that your dentist can repair the tooth to its original place. If this is not possible, the dentist must try to fill in the broken tooth or rebuild it with other materials. If the damage is too great, a crown or veneer may be used. In any case, it’s important to go to the dentist as soon as possible to ensure that the tooth does not cause any more problems. But adults are regularly confronted with a broken tooth Wichita as well.

A knocked-out tooth?

An uprooted/knocked-out tooth is an emergency. You must act quickly, but panic should be avoided. The tooth is considered still “alive” within an hour of being knocked out, so there is a 90% chance the dentist can save it if you see them within two hours. The tooth must not be stored in a dry environment such as a handkerchief or a closed box. The ideal place is to lay it in a glass of milk. The root must not be touched, you should hold the tooth by the crown.

As much as a dentist strives to repair a broken tooth, you can often still see the fracture or discoloration, which occurs after some time. In this case there are solutions available to you. Veneers not only repair the broken tooth, but allow the entire row of teeth to shine like never before. For more information, visit  today.

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