Studies Of The Effects Of Melanotan Before And After

by | Feb 20, 2014 | Healthcare

Melanotan is a synthetically designed analog of a naturally occurring peptide. The effects of the peptide, when tested on lab rats, mice and in other in vitro tests, shows a range of different effects on cells and entire system reactions. Understanding how these changes occur and studying Melanotan ll before and after trials can provide more information to the potential benefits of this peptide for use.

Some of the most exciting studies using the Melanotan ll before and after format include in the areas of weight loss and increased sex drive. There is already a significant body of research into the benefits of this peptide in elevating the levels of brown pigmentation in the skin that has, in some studies, been linked to a decrease in the risk of test animals developing skin cancer.

Other benefits of Melanotan ll before and after tests should also be considered as a positive sign of the value of this relatively new peptide.

Enhanced Thermogenic Response

In a study published in the 2002 Journal of Endocrinology it was found by researchers that central infusions of Melanotan ll for six days in rats showed positive changes in body weight and a decrease visceral adipose tissue. This was true for both obese rats, that were fed a high fat diet, as well as rats that were allowed free choice typical diets. Interestingly both groups actually decreased their intake of food, but it was most pronounced in the obese population.

In addition in this Melanotan ll before and after lab test it was found that fat burning increased, resulting in a thermogenic response that further enhanced fat loss. Both groups also displayed a more efficient body processing of both cholesterol and glucose when on the Melanotan ll.

Enhanced Sexual Behaviors In Female Rats

Published in 2005 in the Journal of Pharmacology, Biochemistry and Behavior a Melanotan ll before and after study demonstrated that melanocortins, the naturally occurring peptides, play a part in both male and female rat sexual behavior. In this study a female rat was paired with male rats, and then injected with Melanotan ll. After injection she was much more engaged in sexual behavior and showed more interest in the male rats, leading to an increased likelihood of breeding.

The results of Melanotan ll before and after tests in rats show promise for future research. Since t these tests often predict possible future uses outside of lab animals, these are important tests to consider. There are many different studies showing Melanotan ll before and after effects in laboratory animals.

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