What To Expect With An Elective Surgery Such As A Tummy Tuck In Wichita

For many of us that have tried the traditional route of diet and exercise, there may be no natural way to achieve a flatter, smaller, toned tummy area. If you feel like your body has been transformed permanently through excessive weight loss or gain, pregnancy or some type of surgery that has weakened the muscles around the stomach you may be a candidate for a Tummy Tuck in Wichita. Consulting with a doctor will help you determine if you are ready for this type of invasive procedure to achieve a flatter tummy.

For starters, before you consider a procedure that will alter your appearance make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons. Any type of medical procedure that is elective runs the risk of certain side effects which may or may not be permanent. Consider all possibilities before you undergo a surgery and make sure that you are considering the procedure for you and not anyone else. Your doctor will cover the risks and depending on your personal health you may be a great candidate or have a higher percentage of complications.

In your initial consultation you will also be informed about pricing, what to expect prior and up to surgery day and what benefits could result. On average according to statistics posted for 2012, a tummy tuck surgery is a little over $5,000 for the procedure itself. This does not include pre and post operation care. You will undergo blood tests and physical tests in order to determine your health and candidacy for the elective surgery. This price also does not include the costs of anesthesia or hospital costs. You can expect that a doctor that has more experience in this area will cost more than the national average.

In the consultation you will also get a realistic idea of the type of results you can expect. Muscles in this area can get very relaxed and pull away from loose skin over time and a tuck will not make this perfect although it will tighten the area. It is also not a permanent solution so make sure that you talk to your doctor about how to maintain the area once the surgery is healed and how to help keep the results. Contact Poggi Plastic Surgery

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