Storage Facilities in Connecticut Allow People To Downsize and Keep Their Possessions

Moving from one home to another is always an emotional experience. In addition to saying good-bye to neighbors, there are many tight deadlines to meet. Most real estate transactions are government by purchase and sale agreements and leases that have tight deadlines. If a tenant doesn’t move out on time, they can face additional charges. Many people have to continue working, so they try to pack after a long day at work. A smarter move is to hire the Augliera Moving And Storage company. One of their project managers can meet with the customer and help them organize their tasks.

Some customers want to keep costs low and pack personal items themselves. Others decide that they want the movers to pack and unpack everything. As the movers pack boxes, the customer has to decide where items should go. If they are moving to a smaller house or apartment, it may quickly become clear that everything isn’t going to fit. A smart move would be to put some of the items in Storage Facilities in Connecticut. Storage lockers come in all sizes. The smallest ones are about the size of a large walk-in closet and the largest ones are about the size of a garage. Some have climate controls that keep the humidity low.

Storing seasonal items such as sports equipment and Christmas decorations reduces the number of visits that customers will have to make to the Storage Facilities Connecticut. Therefore it can be further away from the new residence. Some people decide to use them to house figurine collections or other hobbies. In this case, the customer should assume that they will be making frequent visits and the location needs to be near the new home.

People should resist the urge just to throw boxes into the unit. This makes it very hard to find items. They are welcome to put up temporary shelving. They can then put put boxes holding similar items on the same shelf. A figurine collector might put his Hummel figurines on one shelf and Lladro figurines on another. They can also put a small table or chair in the unit to act as a working space. Carefully organizing a storage locker allows the customer to have a smaller living space, without giving up their prized possessions.

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