Step Up To Fax Over IP Solutions

As more and more companies and businesses move to internet technology for communications landlines and various gadgets and devices are become obsolete. In fact, sometimes the only reason a business still uses a landline is because they want to continue to have the benefit of a fax machine. Now, fax over IP solutions are available that take care of this issue and give you the freedom to get rid of those landlines and take the next step.

What is FoIP?

Most business professionals are familiar with the term VoIP, which stands for voice over internet protocol, a style that allows you to use the internet for all your communication connectivity. FoIP or fax over internet protocol is just the same and actually uses a VoIP network to send and receive faxes using your existing email.

The fax over IP solutions available today provide business owners, managers and employees the option to pick up or send a fax from any device that can connect to the internet. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and standard desktop computers. For different devices apps can be downloaded to allow documents to be created or converted from one OS to another for ease of sharing, editing and document creation.

No Need for Hardware

One obvious benefit to fax over IP solutions is that you don’t have to continually buy new fax equipment to stay up to date. Faxes are managed through your email system so upgrades can all be delivered electronically if needed. However, if you do have an actual fax machine this can also be networked into fax over IP solutions and work seamlessly with your mobile and internet connected devices.

Going Green

Moving from old style fax machines to fax over IP solutions helps your office and workplace to adapt to the demand for “greener” options. Since you can control what you view and print you can limit the use of paper, which is simply not possible with the old style of fax machine.

With all the options in fax over IP solutions offered today it is not difficult to find just the system to meet your business needs. Look around and compare features to find the best possible match.

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