What Does A Stenographer Do?

A stenographer in DC is a person who has been trained to accurately transcribe the proceedings of trials or business meetings, all in real time. Documented transcripts of these events are very important when it is necessary to recall who said what, as they are written they are easy to scan and find the text element in question. Stenography is an acquired skill and the stenographer must learn a series of well defined notations in shorthand which makes the task easier and more efficient. To enhance the task even further, special transcription machines called stenotypes help turn these notations into written words.

Court reporting:

Many stenographers are employed as court reporters; these people are tasked as silent witnesses to trials and inquests. The stenographer in DC records all the verbal testimony given by witnesses, instructions given to the court by the judge and all lawyer questioning and communication. In the event there is a dispute in the courtroom as to who actually said what, the stenographer can verify the record by looking at the notes that have been taken.

The resulting transcripts that are taken by the court reporter are important documents and become a part of the trial records. In the event a lawyer wishes to mount an appeal on behalf of his client, the records are scanned; often a judge will refer to the records prior to handing down a judgment and sentence. Because of the importance of the records of the trial proceedings, accuracy on the part of the court reporter is of paramount importance.

Business stenographers:

Stenographers are often employed by law firms where they are responsible for recording witness depositions and any interviews that take place as these may have a bearing on the pending case. These depositions and interviews take place in a conference room located somewhere in the building.

It is not just law firms that require stenographers; executives of corporations also use their services to record the meetings of the board members for example. If a contentious issue is being debated or a shareholder vote is being taken it is important that accurate reporting of the events and their outcome be kept.

In both cases; in the court room and in the board room, the transcriptions become a permanent record of the proceedings.

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