Common Reasons Why You May Need Roof Repair In CT

The roof on your house will last a long time, but it won’t last forever. When you need Roof Repair CT, roofers can quickly get the job done for you. An imperfect roof can damage your home, so it’s essential that you get it patched up right away. Below, you’ll find questions about common roof problems and having your roof repaired.

Q.) A storm blew some shingles off my roof, but I don’t know how much damage was done. Do I need to replace the entire roof, or can it be repaired?

A.) Before the crew starts any work on your roof, a qualified contractor will examine your roof for damage. The amount of damage and the number of missing shingles will determine if you need a new roof or not. Many times, the missing shingles can be replaced, and your roof will be as good as new. The contractor will always discuss your options with you before doing any work.

Q.) I’m seeing water spots on my ceiling, is this a sign that I need a new roof?

A.) When you begin to see dark spots on the ceiling inside your house, this is a sign of a leaky roof. Your roof has weakened, so it can no longer protect your home from rain or melting snow. To prevent more damage to your home, call a roof repair company to inspect your roof and evaluate the amount of damage.

Q.) It appears that some of the shingles on my roof are curling up at the edges. What causes this, and can it be repaired?

A.) One of the reasons for curled shingles is the effects of moisture that gets trapped underneath the shingles, which causes the adhesive to come loose. Another common reason is the expansion and contraction of your roof due to the changing weather conditions. When this occurs, the nails holding down the shingles will pop up, and the edges of the shingles will raise up and curl. A qualified roofer who works for a Roof Repair CT company can replace the bad shingles, so your roof can do its job to protect your home.

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