Stem Cell Therapy Helps Migraine Headaches

Medical advances in the last twenty years have improved by leaps and bounds. One area where they have seriously moved ahead is in the field of stem cell therapy. They can now use stem cell therapy to help people that have many different types of maladies. Stem cells have been proven to be very successful in the area of migraine headaches. Stem cell therapy is a procedure that is painless and has very few health risks. Because stem cells are a natural part of people’s bodies, they are much less dangerous to use than many other types of treatments for pain. When choosing to take part in stem cell therapy, there are many different avenues you can use to take advantage of the treatment.

How Stem Cell Therapy Works

Stem cells are cells that are found after a woman gives birth. These are basically blank cells; they could be anything from blood cells to brain cells. They have not been given the instructions from DNA as to what they should become. They are excess that is created during reproduction. The cells, when used in stem cell therapy are put into a damaged part of the body. After these stem cells are injected into a body, they correct or multiply to fix possible damage or not enough cells. They know when to stop creating cells automatically, and what kind of cells to make.

How Stem Cell Therapy Helps People

Stem cell therapy basically cleans out the old or damaged cells of a particular area, like blood vessels that are causing pain, and replaces them with healthy cells. This gives a person the opportunity to become able once again. Stem cell therapy is completely non-invasive and will work within your body to help make you feel healthy again. This type of therapy promises an end to your pain.

Medical Options for Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy is very much in the trial stages in the U.S. because of the need for extensive testing, from groups such as the FDA, and thus there is not much available in the U.S. However, in Mexico there are doctors who can perform the procedure that are as experienced and professional as any physician in the U.S. These doctors are available to work with you in either English or Spanish to help you create a stem cell therapy plan. Their prices are around $20,000 in contrast to the U.S. version which is around $50,000. Another difference is that the U.S. also does not use placenta stem cells, which are often more effective than other kinds of stem cells. This is a procedure that may completely change your quality of life.

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