Don’t Just Survive the Heat, Enjoy Your Home With Residential Air Conditioning Bainbridge Island

Living in a hot house is an uncomfortable situation at best. With today’s affordable variety of cooling options there is little need for anyone to suffer. Residential Air Conditioning Bainbridge Island comes in a variety of options to suit any home. Many modern houses come equipped with an HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning) system. This is a combined unit that controls both heating and air conditioning. The treated air is supplied through a series of air ducts and keeps the whole house at a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Alternatives to HVAC units include an A/C only central air system and the split air conditioner. All three of these appliances work with similar principles. For example, they all function from an eternal condenser unit that supplies compressed refrigerant to an indoor transfer unit. The HVAC and central systems have a single coil and air supply while the split or ductless air conditioner can have multiple points of delivery, generally up to eight. Which you select will depend on your home and your needs, but the ductless system is often the preferred option whenever the home doesn’t have existing air ducts or the homeowner needs precise control in individual areas. To know more, click here.

One important aspect to keep in mind is regular maintenance. All appliances need some type of routine care. For the A/C it is often cleaning and testing of the refrigerant. The cleaning helps with airflow and ensures that as much cold air as possible enters the home. Keeping the coolant properly charged helps the efficiency of the appliance. This in turn can help reduce your cooling costs. It is also important to have your system checked at the first sign of problems.

Air conditioning failures often occur because people didn’t notice the problem soon enough or ignored warning signs. For example, even slightly warm air blowing through your unit could be an indicator of low refrigerant, a leaking system or a broken condenser. A low refrigerant level can quickly damage the condenser because the refrigerant actually carries the condenser’s lubrication. Regular maintenance can often catch these problems before they become expensive. If you are in need of Residential Air Conditioning Bainbridge Island be sure to visit us for more details.

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