Staying Comfortable After A Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport CT

When someone is told they will need a Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport CT, they may be concerned about their comfort after the procedure is completed. There are several steps that should be taken after this type of process is done to ensure healing occurs as it should. Here are some tips to consider after having this procedure done to keep pain at a minimum.

Take Time To Ensure Proper Healing

After a tooth is extracted, it is best for the patient to rest. Instead of going to work or maintaining a normal schedule, setting time aside for healing will be necessary. Since medication is used during the procedure, someone should be available to drive the patient home afterward. The person should remain in bed or rest comfortably in a seated position for a bit so the healing can begin without restriction.

Avoid Actions That Could Cause A Dry Socket To Occur

Immediately after a wisdom tooth is extracted, the body will start the healing process. The area where the tooth has been removed will be quite tender. A blood clot will form over the socket. If this is dislodged, pain is likely to occur as the nerve underneath will be exposed. Avoid using a straw, smoking, or using a blowing motion, as these actions can cause the blood clot to loosen from the area.

See A Dentist To Make Sure The Healing Is Happening Properly

It will be important to go back to a dentist for an evaluation soon after the extraction to ensure healing is happening as it should. If food gets into the socket, the dentist will use a small tool to remove it. They will also be able to provide medication to help with numbing of the area if the pain of any type is felt.

When there is a need to have a Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Bridgeport CT, going to a dentist who will do the process with care in how much pain is felt is best. Contact Commerce Park Cosmetic Dentistry LLC today to find out more about extractions and to make an appointment for an evaluation if desired.

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