Sprinkler System Repair in Broomfield CO 101: Brown Spots and Sprinkler Coverage Issues

Various factors can cause patchy plant growth and brown patches and one such factor is likely damage to your sprinkler system. The most common problem that affects the system is wrong sprinkler height, and below are simple steps for a sprinkler system repair in Broomfield CO that you can take to fix this issue.

Incorrect sprinkler head height can cause poor plant growth and brown spots. When the heads are installed at incorrect heights, your system also becomes vulnerable to other damages including mechanical.

Low Sprinkler Heads

When your sprinkler heads are installed too low or are not able to rise above the turf or ground level, water will not spray properly. This problem leads to failure of the system been able to cover the area it is intended to cover and flooding around sprinkler heads. In addition, low sprinkler heads are also more likely to suffer from frequent mechanism failures and retraction problems. Get in touch with Ward’s Lawn Service if you are looking for professional sprinkler system repair in Broomfield CO.

High Sprinkler Heads

If sprinkler hazards are set too high, they pose a tripping hazard. Such sprinkler heads are also at risk of been damaged by landscaping equipment such as lawn mowers. To correct this problem, you should dig out around your sprinkler’s head, disconnect and reconnect it using a swing joint that can be easily adjusted to the required height.

Natural Growth Around the Sprinkler Head

A common cause of concern for incorrect sprinkler head elevation is the natural growth that occurs in the surrounding plants. It is crucial that you change the sprinkler head’s height as the plants around it grow while watering the ground cover plants, adjust the equipment’s height regularly.

The Ground Level

As time passes by, the ground level around your sprinkler heads will either lower or rise. The ground level decreases when the soil around your equipment is washed away by flooding or rain. A build-up is caused by decomposing grass clippings and leaf matter. The best way to adjust your sprinkler head height is to make use of a swing joint. Remember to check your sprinkler system regularly and verify that the heads are at the correct level always.

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