Choose A Bollywood Live Band For Your Next Event

A successful event needs unique and interesting entertainment, and nothing is better for unique entertainment than a live band. Professional live musicians add an invaluable energy to a party. On the other hand, DJ’s tend to play the same type of music repeatedly and lack dynamism. Guests will always be appreciative of a live band, especially if the music is of high quality. And what could be more unique than a band that fuses cultural and spiritual styles from India to the United States?

Rimi Basu is emerging as a world fusion music artist with her band based in the USA. Basu was trained in Indian classical music and dance from her childhood, while attending an Indian language school that her father founded in Washington D.C. In her spare time, Rimi listened to all types of music including hip hop, rap, and pop. She later took inspiration from popular Bollywood as well as Indian classical music and ghazals and began learning these forms. This eventually led her to leave medical school and embark on a quest to India to work on her own musical project. In India, she trained with several famous Indian musicians including Ajoy Chakrobarty. Chakrobarty owns a world-famous school, Srutinandan, located in Kolkata (Calcutta). Rimi’s albums, The Unveiling and Crossing Over, were well received and created a demand for her performances in India. Since then, Rimi Basu traveled the world and performed in India, Southeast Asia, Europe and the U.S.

Rimi Basu is currently based in the U.S. and performing at various events across the country, as well as working on new music in order to expand her brand of Bollywood fusion. The musician wants people to appreciate Bollywood music and culture through unique fusions with Western styles. She and her Bollywood live band would be a great choice for any event. Her music ranges from Indian classical and modern to R&B and Pop. An added feature of Basu’s act is mixing Indian and belly dance with her singing. To learn more about this artist, visit You’ll most certainly get rave reviews for booking this act.

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