Some of the Uses for Mineral Oils

by | Apr 16, 2013 | Business Services

Petroleum is an oil product that can be transformed into a variety of other products, the most commonly known being gasoline for operating cars and other engine-operated machines. However, when petroleum is refined into the end products, there are byproducts that are left behind for a variety of other uses. One of the most common byproducts of this process is mineral oils. Because of the high volume of this type of oil that is produced, it is a low-cost option, bringing down the cost of the products in which it is used.


This type of oil is used in a wide variety of cosmetics and other personal care products. Some of the most common products include baby lotions, makeup, cold creams and other ointments. One of the reasons it is used in these products is it is a lightweight oil that is colorless and odorless. Mineral oil is also effective at removing makeup, as well as temporary tattoos, making it a useful product to have around the home.

Food Preparation

Some mineral oils are classified as food grade, allowing you to use it in relation to food preparation. One of the most common times this grade of mineral oil is used is to periodically rub it into wood utensils, bowls and cutting boards to make them easier to clean and prevent the absorption of food odors. In addition to preparing these wood food preparation tools, mineral oil can also be used in some types of candy.

Mechanical Uses

Mineral oil actually has a variety of purposes in the mechanical and industrial field. Mineral oil doesn’t conduct electricity, making it an effective coolant in a variety of mechanical processes. It can also be used as heat transfer oil in radiators and electrical space heaters. In addition, it can be used as a hydraulic fluid, lubricant or cutting fluid. The main disadvantage to using this type of oil is its poor ability to biodegrade.

Mineral oils have a wide variety of uses depending on the quality and grading of the oil. Some types of mineral oil can be used for mechanical uses because it doesn’t conduct electricity and can serve as an effective lubricant. It is also often used in the cosmetic industry as an additive in lotions, cold creams and makeup. Finally, food-grade mineral oil can also be used to treat food preparation tools and to create candy.


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