Reasons Maxillofacial Surgery In Mount Vernon, IL Might Be Necessary

Most people never consider the fact that there may come a time when they require oral surgery to correct a problem in the mouth, neck or jaw. Otherwise known as Maxillofacial Surgery Mount Vernon IL, oral surgery can be necessary in a variety of circumstances. Some of these are:

1. To correct overbites and other jaw deformities such as those caused by accidents or birth defects.

2. Tooth extractions due to impacted or partially protruding wisdom teeth. Extractions may also be done to remove teeth in preparation for orthodontic treatment

3. Dental implants due to tooth loss and decay. This procedure is becoming more popular as many people do not like dealing with denture care.

4. Dental reconstruction due to tumors, cancer, tooth grinding, etc

5. Abscesses and gum disease

6. Tooth decay

7. To correct TMJ or temporomandibular joint problems and dysfunction which can be caused due to trauma or deformation

What is maxillofacial surgery? Maxillofacial Surgery Mount Vernon IL is a specialized practice that deals with issues of the jaw, mouth, neck and face. Many people think of an oral surgeon as being an orthopedic doctor for the mouth. Maxillofacial surgeons have studied extensively in dental surgery in addition to general dentistry. In many cases, oral surgery is done under general anesthesia. Some surgeries may require the patient to be asleep during the surgery while others may only require a local anesthetic or even nitrous oxide, otherwise known as laughing gas. If you are required to have oral surgery or choose to have a procedure done be sure to get recommendations from friends and family. Check with the surgeon’s office to verify whether or not they will take your insurance. In the case that you have no insurance, check to see if there are payment plans available. Most important is to meet with the surgeon to discuss your issues and what you are requesting to be done. This will assure you that the doctor understands exactly what you want. Meeting the surgeon prior to surgery will also allow you to ask any questions that you may have about the surgery itself, as well as the aftercare.

Maxillofacial Surgery Mount Vernon IL


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