Soho Luxury Apartments bringing more Amenities to NYC Living

If you are in the market for an Apartment in Soho NYC one of the options you should be paying close attention to are the amenities being offered by each complex. You might be looking for a home that goes beyond the unit itself and provides the perfect balance between private and public spaces. The amenities provided at each apartment building vary greatly and looking for the options that suit your lifestyle will help you narrow down your choices.

Outdoor Living

Space is often limited when it comes to the property surrounding many Soho apartment buildings. If Outdoor living is important to you a terrace might be difficult to find. However it you are looking for a spot to relax with a coffee and newspaper in the morning or to stroll through without interruption there are some properties that have used pure genius to create intimate gardens shared exclusively by residents. Landscape architects such as Mathews Nielson have worked with painstaking detail to create urban gardens that are completely sustainable and featuring areas to stroll, sit and be inspired. Plants are selected to be distinct and work with the seasons so that there is always something to bring beauty and interest. These types of garden areas are rare and can add a special touch that might be more intriguing than a straight walk out into the busy streets of NYC. An apartment in Soho NYC that features stunning terraces and a strip of green from all aspects of the building is singular, distinct and inviting.

Boutique Hotel Charm

The boutique hotel still holds its charm and many apartments in Soho lack the unique combination of warmth and welcome in the common areas. Social lounges where people can gather provide a sense of community with cloistered spaces that keep residents separate from the fast pace of the city in a private and inviting space. Common areas surrounded by lovely gardens and property that is landscaped to meet the changing seasons offer beautiful views from many perspectives in the boutique inspired apartment building. Fitness facilities provide a private gym where residents can keep their bodies and minds well tuned and return to their apartment in Soho NYC to relax or get ready to face their day at work motivated and focused.Save

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