Arranging for Trade Show Exhibit Rentals

When the opportunity arises to participate in a trade show, a little matter such as the lack of an exhibit should not stand in the way. All it takes is spending a little time checking out the options for trade show exhibit rentals.  With the help of the right provider, it’s easy to identify the kind of exhibit that would work, and make all the necessary arrangements.

Choosing Between the Different Designs

Exhibits come in a number of different forms.  A basic resource is the tabletop exhibit that includes at least three panels that can be arranged in multiple ways. Tabletops can be rented with or without lighting arrays, and only take minutes to set up. When the event in question is being held in a smaller venue, this type of exhibit is a good choice.

Pop-up exhibits are another great option for trade show exhibit rentals. These provide excellent display space for larger graphics and will easily dress up an exhibit booth. The assembly of a pop-up takes very little effort.  Even someone who has never put together a display can follow the basic instructions provided and have everything ready to go in less than a half hour.

For more ambitious displays, there are other elements to consider.  Truss displays make it possible to use the overhead horizontal space as well as the vertical space. They can be used along with pop ups to create a more dramatic look, or to help fill in larger exhibit spaces. Trusses also come with lighting options that are more varied than those provided with tabletop or pop-up displays.

Arranging Shipment

One of the great benefits of renting an exhibit is that it can be shipped directly to the location of the event. This means there is no need to find a way to get the display to and from the venue.  Instead, the team who will be taking care of the exhibit can focus on packing up other supplies and arranging for them to be sent ahead. By providing the rental company with date the exhibit must be delivered, it’s easy to ensure that it’s waiting for the team when they arrive.

The right provider will always have something suitable on hand.  Best of all, it’s possible to rent different displays for various events. That means there is always the chance to change the look without incurring a lot of expense.

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