Signs You Need A New Rubber To Metal Bonding Part Provider

As an efficient and effective way to move from requiring gaskets and seals to prevent direct metal to metal contact in a variety of industries, OEMs are increasingly turning to providers with the capacity to complete rubber to metal bonding.

The Benefit of Quality Bonding

By bonding the rubber to the metal part for automotive production, machinery, aerospace use and in all types of systems and components, installation time can be reduced, and an increased life of the rubber helps to reduce maintenance and increase component life cycles.

Not all companies offering rubber to metal bonding provide the same level of quality parts and components. Working with an experienced metal finishing company with a history of producing these types of parts to OEMs in your industry is always a good starting point.

Signs of Issues

If you currently have a provider for this service, it is still important to monitor quality control and performance of the parts. When specific issue surface, it may be essential to find a new contract manufacturer to bring the quality back up to your standards.

Signs of problems with the rubber to metal bonding process can include:

  • Incorrect positioning of the rubber on the metal part, requiring additional work before the part can be installed.
  • Poor bonding – if parts of the rubberized surface are not entirely bonded to the metal, the rubber, and metal separate. This can result in direct metal on metal contact, loss of the seal or increased noise and vibration.
  • Incorrect choice of adhesivesthe incorrect choice of the adhesive for the metal or alloy, the rubber, and the specific environmental conditions for the part or component results in increasing part failure. Experienced metal finishing companies expertly match these considerations to create a durable, bonded part.

Any inconsistencies in quality or poor performance of the bonded rubber or the part may be a sign it is time to find a new provider.

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