Signs That a House Needs Drainage Gutter Repair in Bremerton WA

It’s important not to delay drainage Gutter Repair in Bremerton WA too long or worse problems can develop. Homeowners don’t need to get onto the roof to see signs that the gutters have developed problems. Several symptoms can be watched for and acknowledged by calling professional technicians to do repair work.


Leaks from gutters are primary symptoms of a need for repair. Leaks can be caused by several factors. Rusted gutters may begin to drip water. If a sharp-edged branch hit a vinyl gutter during a storm, it may have poked a hole there. Vinyl also can crack if struck by a falling branch. As the drainage system ages, joints between each trough can become loose and release small amounts of water.

Leaks also can develop around the top of downspouts. When the troughs are not cleaned out as needed, organic debris can cause a blockage at the top or further down in the spout.

Sagging Gutters

The weight of trapped water causes the downspout to start pulling away from the building. Technicians performing Gutter Repair in Bremerton WA can adjust the system to return it to good working order.

This can happen elsewhere in the drainage system too. All that weight gradually makes the gutters sag, leaving rainwater to spill over both sides and possibly damage both the exterior and the interior of the house. Water streaming over the inside edge of a gutter may flow under shingles due to the pressure of heavy rain. The rest of it hits the ground and may damage the foundation. It also can damage the soffits and fascia.

Dark Marks Under the Troughs

If the household residents haven’t seen water escaping the troughs, they still might walk around the house a few times a year and check underneath the gutters. Dark marks from organic debris that spilled against the house indicate that something is not working correctly.

Solving the Problem

Depending on the source of the problem, adjustment, patching or replacing of one section by a contractor such as C.R. Gutters Inc. may be the solution. Sometimes full replacement of the drainage system is advisable if it is very old.

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