Signs You Need to Be Seen at Your Family Dentist in Louisville, KY

Taking care of your dental health involves a steady routine of brushing and flossing. Though most people understand taking care of their teeth is important, sometimes the health of your teeth gets put aside. When this happens, oral health concerns can cause symptoms and it is important to heed these symptoms and not ignore them. By understanding the warning signs of common dental problems, you can understand when to seek treatment from the Family Dentist in Louisville, KY.

Common Warning Signs for Tooth Conditions
Pain – Pain is one of the most-noticed symptoms when it comes to tooth problems. Pain is your body’s way of informing you something is wrong. Many people experience tooth pain and simply take a pain pill, thinking this takes care of their problem. Pain medications only stop the warning signals being sent by the body. They never take care of the root problem causing the pain.

Sensitivity – Most everyone can suffer from tooth sensitivity at some point in their lives. If you suddenly notice increased sensitivity when you eat hot or cold foods or sweets, you could have erroding enamel. This could be caused by decay. If you are experiencing increased and ongoing sensitivity, it is important to see the Family Dentist in Louisville, KY and get your teeth checked.

Common Warning Signs for Gum Conditions
1. Redness
2. Swelling
3. Bleeding
4. Pus
5. Foul breath

The signs of gum conditions can be subtle at first, but will worsen over time. It is important your gums are checked because you can experience gum disease, infections and eventual tooth loss. With prompt treatment and good oral hygiene, these signs can be reversed and the conditions healed. If you notice any signs or a combination of these signs, contact your dentist and have them check you.

Understanding what to look for can help in your ability to take control of your oral health. With routine dental visits and good brushing and flossing habits, you can see improvement in your dental health. If you are in need of dental care, contact Moore Smiles and learn of all of the different dental services they can offer to you and your family.


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