Different Ways To Clean A Carpet

Regardless of how clean you think your house is; carpets gather a considerable amount of dirt and grime over time. The carpets in your home are also ideal for the development of microscopic organisms such as dust mites and various bacteria which is harmful to the health of the homes occupants. Dirty carpets also emit a foul odor that no amount of deodorizer can erase. As a result of these issues carpet cleaners in Charleston SC are kept busy. The frequency of cleaning depends on the usage patterns; in many homes the time frame can be between six months and a year depending on whether there are children and pets in the house. In high traffic areas such as an office, cleaning may be called for every couple of months.

There are a number of ways to clean a carpet and the choice you make is important as the wrong choice may reduce the life expectancy of your carpet. It is important that the method employed is right for the carpet fiber, the backing material and the carpet underlay. One of the most popular methods is hot water extraction but if the carpet bleeds dye then dry cleaning is the preferred method. Carpet cleaners Charleston SC are experts at determining the best method to use so that your carpet will not suffer any damage.

The popular methods of carpet cleaning all start with a thorough vacuuming to remove as much dust as possible.

Steam cleaning: In this method hot water is mixed with a detergent solution, worked into the carpet and then extracted. Although this method is commonly called steam cleaning, it actually uses very hot water. This method is very effective in reduce allergens from the carpet.

Dry cleaning: Dry cleaning is often used where the drying time that would normally be required is not available. A dry powder is cast on the carpet, the power sticks to the imbedded dirt and then removed with a powerful vacuum.

Shampooing: Detergent is first applied to the carpet and then agitated with a machine. The detergent is vacuumed up; this method is the least effective as it leaves dirt in the carpet.

Foaming: This is a hybrid method between dry cleaning and foam. The objective of this method is to minimize the amount of water that is used so that the carpet dries quickly. A foam detergent which has an affinity to dirt is worked into the carpet and then extracted along with the dirt.

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