Signs it’s Time for a New Gilbert, AZ Dentist

Do you feel dread at the thought of visiting your dentist in Gilbert, AZ? Whether it’s the Gilbert dentist you see that leaves you this way or just a general feeling of anxiety around the dentist, it can be said that not all Gilbert, AZ dentists are equal. Having a dentist that goes above and beyond to make you comfortable can make a big difference.  Even if you have to drive a little further to get the sort of service and experience that helps you stay on track with appointments.

Here are some signs it might be time to see a new dentist:

You’re Overdue for a Check-Up or You’re Ignoring a Dental Problem

Are you avoiding the dentist because you just don’t want to go? It could be time to see a new dentist, one that won’t make you feel anxious or filled with dread.

Your Dental Office is Cold and Unfeeling

Not all dentists in Gilbert, AZ are the same. Not all offices are the same, either. Some feel more like a visit to a spa and this can put people more at ease. Amenities can make appointments much more comfortable and relaxing.

You Don’t Appreciate the Attitude of the Staff

Courteous staff that care about your experience at the dentist’s offices makes a difference. Being able to get questions answered, get a quick appointment during a dental emergency, and being greeted pleasantly make a difference. If the staff at your dentist’s office make you feel uncomfortable or unappreciated as a client, it might be time for a new dentist.

Modern Dentistry Doesn’t Seem to be a Priority

If you’ve heard of new procedures, chances are that your dentist has, too. While a dentist should be careful about adding procedures that aren’t established and proven, the opposite is also true. If your dentist’s office seems like it’s still in the last century as far as equipment and procedures go, you could be selling your smile short.

You Have Dental Anxiety and Your Dentist is Insensitive about This

Does your dentist listen to your concerns? Does he or she try to put you at ease? If the environment and attitude in your dentist’s office doesn’t help alleviate your dental anxiety it might be time to find a new dentist.

The right dentist can make all the difference. Make an appointment with Danny Salem DDS PLLC. We serve Gilbert, AZ, Chandler, AZ and other surrounding areas.

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