Why the Dentist is Recommending a Porcelain Veneer in Marietta GA

The most recent trip to the dentist was a mixture of the good and the bad. While there are no serious issues, that would call for extractions, root canals, and similar procedures, the surface of the teeth could use some work. As part of the process, the dentist suggests the use of porcelain veneers. Here is why the idea of a Porcelain Veneer in Marietta GA for one or more teeth is really a good idea.

Correct the Shape of the Tooth

One of the more common reasons for the use of a Porcelain Veneer in Marietta GA is to make the shape of the tooth more visually appealing and functional. Issues such as past grinding of teeth or possibly chipping the tooth can lead to a shape that is less than ideal. With the use of a veneer on that tooth, it is possible to correct the problem and ensure the tooth blends in with the rest.

Dealing with a Loss of Enamel

Enamel helps to protect the teeth, and in some cases it will last for a lifetime. There are many habits which will break down the enamel. Since it is impossible to regrow enamel once it is gone, something must be done to protect the teeth from further damage. By applying a veneer to the tooth, any remaining enamel is prevented from wearing away. Other areas of the tooth are once again protected, which will improve the odds of being able to keep the tooth healthy for many more years.

Improving the Bite

Veneers can improve the arc of the bite between the upper and lower sets of teeth. Along with helping to improve general appearance, this also makes it much easier to bite and chew food without placing additional stress on the jaw. As a result, the patient can chew with greater ease and not feel sore a few hours after the fact.

For anyone who has not sought dental help in some time, call the team at RA Dental Studio today. They can arrange for a complete examination and advise the patient of any procedures that would help keep the teeth healthy and strong.

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