The Services Provided by Hospice Cleveland Texas

Hospice is a Professional Health Care service that is offered to people who have a terminal illness. Typically, Hospice Cleveland Texas is available for people whose diagnosis has worsened and they are expected to have six months or less to live. Hospice provides a wide range of services, with the primary concern being to provide comfort, both emotionally and physically.Many people choose to spend their last days in their home and family members often take the role as caregiver. Caring for a loved one who is terminally ill can be extremely emotional and overwhelming.

One of the services provided by Hospice in Cleveland Texas is to relieve some of the stress of the family members through support and assisting with caring for their loved one. Hospice provides the services of registered nurses, nursing aids, physicians and volunteers as well as ensures the patient has equipment and medication necessary for their comfort.Hospice care providers can assist the patient with bathing, dressing, eating, household chores and companionship. The patients needs are addressed at a wide range of levels, starting with the physical comfort, management of symptoms and pain relief as well as spiritual and/or emotional support. Support and education is also available for the patients caregivers and family members. It is important for those who are not familiar with Hospice to understand that the services provided are meant to provide comfort, they are not intended to be a treatment or a cure. Hospice services are available for anyone, regardless of their financial status, age, religion or race.

Although, most insurance providers cover Hospice services, in most situations Hospice will provide many of their services for those who do not have insurance coverage. If the patient improves, Hospice services can be concluded and can be resumed again at any time should the patient become ill again. Hospice services are available for anyone and anywhere, including those who are in the hospital, a care facility, a Hospice facility or the patients home. There are Hospice team members available for their patients 24 hours a day, 7 days each week. At anytime should the patient or the caregiver need someone from their Hospice team to visit, they simply call and request a visit.

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