The Cost of Retaining a Social Security Disability Attorney in Midwest City, OK

When people file a claim for Social Security disability benefits, it’s usually because these people are in need of the compensation that comes from disability benefits to meet their financial obligations. In some cases, certain disabilities make it impossible for a person to hold a steady job or at least work on a full-time basis and disability benefits are necessary. Unfortunately, Social Security disability benefits can be extremely difficult to receive, even if you qualify for them. That’s why if you have applied for Social Security disability benefits in the Midwest City, Oklahoma area, you may eventually need the services of a Social Security Disability Attorney in Midwest City, OK.

While an attorney that handles Social Security disability cases has a number of different methods they can use to get approval for your disability benefits, one of the most important things to you as a potential client is how much is it going to cost. There are actually two ways in which a Social Security Disability Attorney in Midwest City, OK can be paid. The first and the main source of income for a disability attorney is there contingency fee. This contingency fee is only payable if the attorney wins your case. Also, with Social Security disability attorneys, this payment can’t exceed 25% of your back pay or $6000.

However, an attorney can charge for their service. Typically, this will include the cost for attorneys making copies and mailing out letters pursuant to your case. Typically, these costs will range between the $100-$200 amount, although they can be higher depending on the details of your case or the charges that an individual attorney has for their services.

In any case, the lawyer might require you to pay a certain amount of money for their services up front. However, pursuant to the law, this payment must be held in a trust accounting and the money cannot be accessed until your disability case is over.

If you’re counting on money from Social Security disability benefits to buy food, pay rent and meet other necessary living expenses, you shouldn’t take the denial of these benefits as the final word. With the help of a Social Security disability attorney, you may be able to challenge the denial of these benefits and have the Social Security administration reversed their decision.


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