Selling Gold to the Right Gold Dealers in Chicago

Many people face a situation where they need money fast. There are quite a few legitimate ways that someone can do this. For example, some people get a payday loan and others will get a title loan for their vehicle. However, if someone has gold available that they don’t have to keep, then they can get money from gold dealers in Chicago.

There are a few different options when it comes to selling gold. One is to sell the gold through a mail in site. These places claim to weigh the gold and then send a check for the total value. Another option is to sell to a jewelry store and the third is to sell through a pawn shop. Here are some details on each of these options.

Mailing Gold

While not as prolific as they were 15 years ago, there are still companies that buy gold in the mail. However, there are some major issues with this method. A seller has no control over the price they get for their gold. Once the ship the gold, they have agreed to sell, and sometimes the checks are pennies on the dollar, leaving someone with far less than they deserve. Worse yet most won’t allow a seller to change their mind, once it’s mailed, the agreement is done.

Jewelry Stores

Jewelry stores can be a great place to sell gold. They tend to be fair and they are usually reputable. However, not all of them buy gold. Those that do are only interested in interesting pieces that are special, collectible or antiques. For someone selling their gold wedding band, a jewelry store isn’t likely to be interested. However, it doesn’t hurt to see if a jewelry store will be interested in a piece.

Pawn Shop

Many pawn shops are gold dealers in Chicago, which makes them a great choice for selling gold. However, before someone sells their gold at a pawn shop, they should investigate the market value. They will not get market value, as a pawn shop will want to make a profit, but a seller should accept no less than 60% of the melted value, although a high quality dealer will usually offer 70%. Shopping around is key to ensuring that the best price is received.

If you have gold to sell, then there are some options. Contact us to sell your gold quickly and at a fair value too.

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