Home Washing Services in Baltimore MD Rejuvenate Brick Exterior Features

Professional Home Washing Services in Baltimore MD provide the most effective way of removing accumulated dirt, organic debris, mildew and algae from a brick home’s exterior. Professional workers know how to use the equipment so it does not damage the brick or mortar. Small jobs can be accomplished by renting a machine from a hardware or home improvement store, but big projects are best left to the pros.

A Range of Purposes

In addition to cleaning the exterior of the home, technicians with a company like Mr. Clean Power Washing LLC also use their equipment to wash off decks, patios, driveways, and boats. They adjust the settings depending on the type of material to be cleaned. Sometimes a different cleaning solution is best, so technicians must distinguish among the various detergents and other chemicals. A soft wash also can be used to remove algae, moss, and mold on roof shingles.

Preventing Damage

Technicians who perform Home Washing Services in Baltimore MD have all the necessary accessories for the equipment and they know all the safety procedures. For instance, they don’t accidentally hit window screens when the washer is set at high pressure while cleaning the home’s exterior. They don’t get harsh cleaning solutions on plants around the house. They won’t hit any electrical features around the house.


Depending on the size and design of the home, as well as other items to be washed, various accessories may be needed. Extension wands are essential for homes that are more than one story in height. Angled wands reach places that otherwise would require working from an extension ladder. Brushes may be necessary for scrubbing away stubborn debris.

Cleaning Brick

For brick surfaces, the technicians usually first apply a low-pressure spray of water alone to saturate the brick. Detergent is added afterward. This technique prevents soap from soaking into the material. Washing away the soap is the next step. They evaluate the results and then use a brush to eliminate any remaining stains. This process rejuvenates the exterior of the home and can also safely be used for brick pavers on sidewalks and other features around the property.

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