Safety Tips for Visiting the Dog Park in Everett

A good Dog Park is every canine’s dream. Open spaces, the freedom to roam without being called back, and plenty of playful companions make the park heaven on Earth for most pooches. However, even into this type of heaven, a little safety must fall. While the park gives your dog the ability to run, there are a few safety tips that need to be followed. Below, find some safety tips for taking your dog to the Dog Park in Everett.

Make Sure Your Pooch is Vaccinated

This is a no-brainer, but dogs are breeding grounds for germs and many kinds of diseases. It is your responsibility as a pet owner to ensure that your pet is vaccinated fully before you take him to the Dog Park in Everett. Don’t be afraid to ask other pet parents if their dogs have been vaccinated. If they haven’t, then consider changing parks.

Keep You Cell with You

It is important to have a fully-charged cell phone with you at all times when at the park with your canine pal. Have the vets number programmed into your phone because you never know when an emergency might happen.

Know the Difference Between Playing and Fighting

Just as with children, you need to keep an eye on your pup while he is playing with others. Learn the difference between playing and fighting before you take your pup to the park. Any signs of aggression or showing teeth means that you should call your dog and let the dogs take a break from playing together.

Separate Small and Large Dogs

If possible, it is best to keep small and large dogs apart at the park. Many parks have separate areas, making it is possible to keep them apart. Not all small dogs can hang with big dogs, so keeping them separated reduces the risk of injury to your small dog.

These are just a few safety tips to follow when taking your pet to the local dog park in everett. From keeping your cell charged and with you to separating small dogs from the larger dogs, these safety tips will help you and your dog have fun.

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