The Safety Of Breast Augmentation

Augmentation mammoplasty, also known as breast augmentation, is a common surgery performed on a daily basis by trained cosmetic surgeons around the United States and the world. Specialists offering Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation are highly trained individuals that work with the patient’s health and well-being in mind. There are several steps that the patient will go through before having the surgery, and each is designed to increase the safety and ensure that this is the correct procedure.


Before a surgeon offering Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation agrees to the procedure there are several things that have to be clarified. The surgeon will not perform the surgery if the patient appears to have unrealistic expectations, is completing the surgery because of someone else’s wishes or demands, or if there are existing health issues that may increase the risk of the procedure.

During the consultation prior to your Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation you will need to undergo a physical examination, provide information on your prior medical health issues, as well as discuss your family history. The doctor will ask about any history of breast cancer in the family as well as any current use of medications, alcohol or other drugs, or any current treatment for medical or mental health conditions.

Discussing the Risks

Your surgeon preforming your Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation is required to discuss the risks associated with the procedure. For most candidates for the surgery the risks are minor but there is always the chance, as with any surgery, that there may be complications.

The most common risks include scarring, bleeding and possible slow healing. Infections, changes in the sensations of the breast or nipple as well as rupture of the implant can also occur. Following the directions provided by your Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation surgeon can help reduce these risks.

It is important to follow all pre-procedure instructions prior to your Beverly Hills, CA breast augmentation, including smoking cessation and avoiding alcohol and medications or supplements that may contribute to the risk of bleeding. The more the patient and doctor work together that lower the risk of any possible risks, but no surgery can ever be completely risk free.

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