Community Solutions Offered by a Recycling Center in Connecticut

Most Essex residents drop paper, glass, and plastic items into colorful bins for recycling, but never give a thought to what happens to the massive amounts of re-usable materials generated during area construction projects. In fact, the bulk of these materials end up in a local Recycling Center in Connecticut area, such as Calamari Recycling Co., Inc. These businesses provide a range of valuable services to the community, including:

 * CONSTRUCTION CLEANUP: Building and demolition projects can generate tons of debris, which could be costly for businesses to dispose of. However, experts like Calamari Recycling solve this problem, by providing roll-off container and clean-up services that just about pay for themselves, since recycling professionals pay for abundant scrap metals. In addition, the centers offer self hauling options, which are a good choice for home remodeling or cleanup projects. Clients are offered unloading assistance, and reasonable prices.

 * A HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT : The U.S. Government has created strict guidelines for the safe disposal of many items that could potentially harm the environment. When scrap metal and debris is sent to a Recycling Center, professionals ensure that all materials are either sent to be used to create products, or correctly disposed of. In addition, the centers help keep communities neater and cleaner, since they will take materials that otherwise would litter property.

 * CONSERVATION : A Recycling Center in Connecticut ensures that tons of materials are re-used, to create products that would otherwise need to be manufactured from natural resources. Each year recycling saves tons of oil, metals, and other materials needed to create new products. Diverting items to recycling centers saves huge amounts of energy. Recycling just a ton of paper can save 17 trees, 7,000 gallons of water, and about 3 cubic yards of landfill space. Re-using materials contributes to greater sustainability and a greener community.

Recycling centers serve their communities, by providing affordable, efficient ways for homeowners and businesses to dispose of construction and demolition clean up debris. In addition, they contribute to a healthier environment, by safely disposing of dangerous items. Recycling professionals also contribute to a greener planet, by reducing the amount of natural resources needed to manufacture new products. Visit Calamari Recycling Co. for more information.

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