Are There Risks Associated with a Raw Dog Food Diet for Canines?

When people hear raw dog food they immediately picture raw hamburger meat and wonder how this type of diet could benefit their dog. They also worry about bacteria or food-borne illnesses often associated with the consumption of raw meat. However, frozen raw dog food has very little risk and is actually a healthy alternative to the grain-based diets sold in supermarkets.

Raw food diets are on the rise for both people and their pets. As more people desire to get away from the boxed, processed foods found on supermarket shelves, many are turning to the raw food lifestyle. These same people are also looking for healthier alternatives for their dog’s diet. Before the mass domestication of dogs, most ate raw food found in the wild. Dogs lived on eating raw meat and bones, along with a few fruit or vegetable components. Prepackaged raw dog food uses the science behind a wild dog’s diet and creates a blend of raw dog food that is beneficial and healthy for domesticated dogs.

Raw Dog Food Has Little Health Risks

People who choose to feed their dog frozen raw dog food don’t need to take any precautions other than those already used around raw meats. Frozen dog food uses fresh ingredients like elk, fish, chicken, and beef ground together with fruit and vegetable proteins to create a fully nutritious diet. As with any raw meat, there is always a risk of bacteria, but only if the meat is handled improperly. All raw dog food should be kept frozen until ready to use, and it should never be placed on surface areas where it could cross-contaminate with other foods. Following general guidelines for handling raw meat will prevent food related illnesses.

Raw Dog Food Has Many Benefits

Dog owners who already use frozen raw dog food report many benefits from switching from a grain based diet to a raw meat diet. Users of raw dog food diets report that their dogs coat is shinier, the dog has more energy, and the raw food seems to improve their pet’s overall digestion. Some dogs may also experience cleaner teeth or better smelling breath. Without preservatives, sugars, dyes, and added nitrates, a raw dog food diet offers the best ingredients for optimal nutrition for all breeds.

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