Many Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg Feature Great Vegetarian Cuisine

You recently went on a date with a great guy and were startled to learn that he’s a vegetarian. You want to take him out for lunch or dinner for your next date, but this feels out of your league, as you’ve never been involved with a vegetarian before. Don’t be concerned. Many Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg have numerous delicious meatless meals on the menus, and that’s even true for places that focus a great deal on seafood and steak.

Restaurants such as The Potomac Grill, for example, even have an entire menu for vegetarian customers. Your new friend is likely to be impressed at the many specialties provided by the talented chefs. If he likes pasta, the garden vegetable pasta dinner with creamy tomato sauce is a smart choice. Grilled veggie wraps and meatless jambalaya are favorites of customers who don’t eat meat or who prefer not to have meat every single day.

Since you really like this person and hope for the relationship to continue blossoming, the romantic atmosphere at this type of restaurant is another positive aspect. You’ll appreciate just the right touch of elegance that lifts the ambiance a step above casual. If you go out on a weekend night, you may get to have dinner at a restaurant that features live music later in the evening.

If the two of you like wine, be sure to try something special from the wine list, whether by the glass or the bottle. Pinot Noir, Shiraz or Cabernet are fine red varieties to go with vegetarian cuisine. If your date likes white wine better, try Riesling or Moscato for a sweeter flavor, or Chardonnay or Chenin Blanc for a crisper taste.

Chefs who know how to create the best, heartiest vegetable dishes include ingredients such as Portobello mushrooms, zucchini, asparagus, eggplant, sweet red peppers, squash and artichokes. Even a meat-eater will not feel one bit deprived when enjoying this type of cuisine at Local Restaurants in Gaithersburg. Of course, if you want to have seafood or steak while your friend eats vegetarian style, you’ll have plenty of options on the menu as well.

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